The data-centric organization: Overcoming the challenges we all face

If you are in marketing today, you’ve likely seen first-hand how powerful data is for marketing. At Deluxe, we’ve had a first-row seat to the evolution of data-driven marketing. We’ve been helping financial institutions achieve superior ROI through omni-channel marketing solutions for years, and we’ve seen first-hand the impact data has had on marketing and financial institutions at large.

There isn’t an aspect of marketing today that isn’t influenced or impacted by data in some way. But, just a few short years ago, people were buzzing about “creepy” marketing tactics used by companies like Amazon and Target. These companies were collecting data on us and using it to recommend things we’d likely want or incent us to buy things they knew we were interested in. And where in the past those tactics could prompt a boycott or drop in revenue, today both consumers and companies have adopted these marketing tactics seemingly without qualms; including banks.

In today’s modern, data-driven world, banks have access to enough data now that they know which consumers are in the market for a new car and could present them with a pre-qualified lease or lending product before the consumer even knows what car they want to buy! With predictive and analytical data, a modern bank can know a good deal about its potential customers before they even walk through the door or enter their website.


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