The five types of hackers after your business’s data

Let’s start off with a simple question: What type of data does your business store?

A.    Client or donor information
B.    Internal proprietary data
C.    Financial Data
D.    Trade Secrets
E.    Sensitive or Classified Information

If any of these apply to your business, a hacker out there wants your data.

Each day there are reports about a high-level cyber attack on an organization, topped off with either an outrageous ransomware demand or an overwhelming number of records compromised. However, you likely don’t hear about the breaches of smaller organizations, which are becoming more frequent. Hackers target organizations under 1,000 employees, knowing there is less likelihood of them having an in-depth security program (or budget to support it), which means more opportunities for them to exploit a company’s vulnerabilities. And if all goes well for the hacker, these organizations may not even know they’ve been breached until it is too late.


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