The future of banking when a ‘new normal’ has yet to be defined

It appears that 'business as usual' will be an evolving vision as financial institutions wrestle with new pandemic challenges. How should they prepare for what follows amid the uncertainty? In an exclusive Banking Transformed interview, Mike Walsh, futurist and author of the book, ‘The Algorithmic Leader,’ provides a perspective on what the future may look like.

The pandemic is about to enter its third year, dominating our collective consciousness on a personal and business basis. At the beginning, financial institutions reacted quickly, developing new products and improving the digital experiences of products built for an analog era.

As the impact of the pandemic continues, banks and credit unions are focused more on digital transformation than ever. With a goal to become future-ready, organizations are changing the way they deliver services, the level of automation of back offices, how and where work is done, and the focus of leadership. The question is – what will the future bring?

According to futurist Mike Walsh, the changes we continue to see in response to the pandemic are the foundation for a new world that runs on new rules. Mike discusses several of these new rules and the changes we will see going forward in an interview on the Banking Transformed podcast.


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