The future of mobile banking hinges on new, ‘ambient’ technologies

Some day, thanks to digital assistants, smart watches, voice-enabled devices and other technologies, banking tasks will become invisible.

As technologies like blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things continues to mature, banks and credit unions will have to prioritize an omnichannel delivery strategy that creates a truly responsive customer experience — something you could call “ambient computing” — if they hope to keep pace with an increasingly mobile population and align with digital natives.

Ambient computing, simply explained, is about embedding technology seamlessly into our day-to-day lives and responds to our needs, desires, and habits. When Amazon Alexa reminds you to take an umbrella because the forecast predicts rain later that day, or when Google Maps auto-routes you to the office when you leave your apartment at 8 am on a Wednesday, ambient computing is at work.

By leveraging emerging technologies like smart watches and voice-enabled devices, ambient computing is poised to revolutionize consumer behavior. Banks and credit unions that want to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly tech-centric world need to incorporate this reality into their long-term strategy.


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