The ‘Hybrid Society’

by: Brian Abner

The digital age has created challenges in our lives we would have never thought possible 10 years ago. This change has revolutionized the way we view every aspect in life. Even our relationships have been changed, since the digital age has brought an instantaneous society with new forms of participation and creativity.

This new society has empowered everyone who is connected online. Businesses are learning to adapt to these changes. How your business responds to the digital revolution will determine its success or failure.

Alan Shapiro, an author and scientist, believes we are living in a “hybrid thinking” society, where innovation changes the code by redefining it. For example, past generations have lived primarily in a physical world. However, thanks to the digital society, today’s generations are connecting online or the virtual world.

In order to understand today’s experiences in life we must stop considering the virtual and physical worlds as separate and begin to see them as one idea.

In other words, society is now a hybrid world. It provides both a virtual and physical response. The hybrid society has embraced a new vision, a new purpose and new ideas.

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