The legacy effect of credit unions

I’m 78 years old. Many requests for donations to support various organizations from prior years now come with a special option: become a legacy member.

These institutions cover the entire spectrum of public and civic service: hospitals, colleges and universities, churches, choral groups, and local theaters. The appeal here in D.C. even includes the many public museums, National Archives, Smithsonian institutions, Library of Congress et al. that are part of the Washington community.

A legacy commitment means that an individual will make a bequest to the organization in their will or via an estate planning vehicle such as a trust. It is not an immediate contribution, but rather a commitment made upon passing to support an endowment-like fund for the organization’s continued operations.

These legacy commitments are shown separately in donor listings to recognize this future intention. Last Sunday was Legacy Sunday at our local church. The bulletin insert asked “Are You a Member of CCPC’s Legacy Society?” and listed the names of both living and deceased members who had made a commitment along with statements of support by individuals such as:


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