The most important article you will ever read on credit union videos

See what I did there?

Look at that title again. And the thumbnail image.

I am setting the stage for what we will discuss in great length in this post.

Thumbnails and titles for online videos.

While both of these may be a bit of an exaggeration*, there is purpose and intent behind these decisions.

And the reason?

I believe a majority of banks and credit unions fail to realize importance of customizing both thumbnails and titles for their online videos.

Over the past few weeks, we have explored growth areas for banks and credit unions who are looking to use video to humanize their brands. These topics have ranged from using YouTube effectively to producing video on a frequent and consistent basis.

And in this post, we will explore how banks and credit unions can leverage the power of both thumbnails and titles for their online videos.

Because these two components will directly influence whether consumers will watch your videos.

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