The one question that will raise your bottom line

What are you passionate about?

That’s a question my daughters would hear often when they were deciding where to go to college, what to study and what job to take. (Clearly, asking the question has worked out especially well for one of them.)

That question is also the one question with the power to boost your credit union or bank’s bottom line. Here’s why.

Passion identifies target markets

You can’t be all things to all people. As marketing leader Donald Miller says, “Niches lead to riches.” By clearly identifying a target market, your marketing dollars will be more focused and more effective.

For example, IncredibleBank is a small digital-first bank that targets a unique niche: luxury RV owners. They’ve built nearly their entire brand around small business owners with motor coaches. Why? Because they’re passionate about convenience, something small business owners who are constantly on the road are naturally passionate about too.



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