The power of inclusive data

How to unlock it to meet your members’ changing needs

Change is constant. It’s important to understand that your members’ needs may always be changing as they enter new stages of their lives. It’s even more important that you continuously evolve and change to meet these needs. Staying one step ahead of your members could make or break their experience and the success of your credit union.

Having powerful data that tells consumer stories may allow you to stay informed and make better decisions that could help create solutions to meet your members’ evolving needs.

An example of this is found in CUNA Mutual Group’s recent What Matters Now™ report, where for the first time we collected powerful data regarding Native American, Native Alaskan and Indigenous consumers and their relationships with credit unions. In conducting our research, we found that Native American, Native Alaskan and Indigenous consumers are more likely than other races/ethnicities to have credit unions as their primary financial institution. Our research found that 21% of Native American, Native Alaskan and Indigenous communities use credit unions as their Primary Financial Institutions (PFIs) for banking.


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