The power of small talk to cultivate connections in person and online

Tips for making the most of online meetings and phone calls

“How are you?” Has this once generic greeting been a conversation game-changer since the onset of COVID-19?

The once-rhetorical and sometimes disingenuous greeting, “How are you?” as well as “How have you been?” have taken on new meaning during this pandemic. The change may continue long after we find ourselves on the other side of COVID-19.

The challenges of these times are many: finances, working from home, finding childcare and supporting kids doing school from home—not to mention finding romance and ways to be “distantly” social. Staying in touch and cultivating connections with family, friends, colleagues and the community are lifelines to the future. Hosting or sitting in on a business, social or family video meeting just doesn’t suffice.

Our new lingo now includes “Zoom fatigue” because, for many virtual meetings, it’s a challenge to focus or truly connect. How about some tips and tools to enhance your efforts?


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