The role of the NCUA Board: Past and present

It is a cliché, but true.  The well-being of any organization depends on the quality of board leadership.

Boards select the executive team and, depending on the organization’s bylaws, exercise ongoing monitoring of performance and strategic guidance.  In the case of a public board, politically appointed, the board becomes the primary face of the organization to its various constituencies.

Board leadership is a critical skill.  Some boards become so dependent on either the CEO (staff) or the chair that their performance is perfunctory, just follow  the leader. At other times in the same organization, boards are dynamic, bringing expertise, insight and critical mission debate.

Following is the front page of the January 2008 NCUA News.  The lead article is about minority board member Gigi Hyland’s testimony to Congress on the need for flexible and responsive mortgage loan modification options.


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