The seven layers of cybersecurity defense

Have you heard of seven-layer salad? How about the seven layers of defense?

In the world of cybersecurity, there is a constant battle to protect our information. As the world moves deeper into the digital age of security, the defenses credit unions provide as holders of sensitive information are becoming ever more critical and the tools to perform breaches are becoming more advanced. Having your members’ sensitive information locked down is vital as it builds the trust of your clients in any industry, and trust is key to doing business.

Cybercriminals are just that, criminals, and they are looking to take anything they can to benefit not only themselves but any others they may be working for. Any information that is available to them can be used to help them piece together many facets of your credit union and your members.

To keep these criminals out of your members’ data, you need to understand and reinforce your seven layers of defense.


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