The three E’s for being a great board member

Great directors are enthusiastic, into education, and keep an eye on the big picture.

Credit union have several defining characteristics that set them apart from other financial institutions. Not-for-profit status allows credit unions to focus on the needs of members, and not third-party or institutional stockholders. CUs’ community focus, be that a geographic or a shared community of interests, allows them to intimately know the needs of members.

A critical component of CUs is the way boards and committees incorporate committed volunteers to guide the organization. In this brief article, we explore qualities that comprise an exceptional CU board member, based on what we have seen at our many credit union clients.

Great Board Members are Enthusiastic

One of the most important qualities a volunteer can bring to a board is enthusiasm for the credit union and its role. Let’s face it. Few credit union board meetings would qualify as engrossing dramas or spine-tingling entertainment (at least, when things are going right!). A board member who brings their own measure of passion to the task is far more likely to be effective and engaged. One quality we have seen in almost all highly successful board members is zeal—zeal for the community-oriented, not-for-profit mission of the credit union.


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