The top 10 marketing & tech trends that tickled our fancy in 2014! (part three)

by: Gillian Smith

2014 heralded in a wave of new disruptors across various industries. Industry disruptors are not new on the scene but disrupting an industry is easier than ever in the 21stcentury digital age. For part three of our look back series, we’re going to take a look at disruptions to a couple of industries close to our hearts here at RewardStream.

6. Digital Disruption or Digital Transformation?

Depending on which side of the table you are sitting at, you are either going to view disruption to your industry as a positive or a negative which begs the question: Are we in the era of digital disruption or digital transformation? Emerging technologies or innovative new uses for existing technologies helped alter the landscape of some well-established industries in 2014. Digital disruption has aggressive connotations for some people but many disruptors adopt subtle marketing and take-over campaigns so it’s possible you are not even aware that you are participating in an industry shake-up!

The Cloud

Disrupting (or redefining, if you want a softer word) an industry is now easily facilitated by the cloud. The Cloud allows businesses that would not otherwise have the capacity or finances to go digital to do so quickly and relatively cheaply. This is especially useful for young entrepreneurs or start-ups with a business idea who want to enter the playing field with the big guys. With more and more businesses likely to adopt Cloud computing, we can expect the choices available to us in a number of sectors to proliferate over the coming years and for new businesses to poach customers from existing companies or service providers.

Financial Sector Disruptors

Two business ideas shaking up the Financial Sector caught our eye in 2014. Both have been around for a couple of years but received more buzz than usual this year.

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