The top 20 most helpful digital marketing resources for credit unions in 2014

by: Jonathan Lay

In preparing to kick off 2015, we took time to reflect on 2014.

Last year, the CU Grow team wrote over 100 articles, produced over 20 online videos and webinars, spoke at over 10 events and were quoted/interviewed in over 20 publications.

To help jump start growth at your bank or credit union in 2015, here is what over 21,000 financial leaders found to be most helpful to them last year:

Top 5 Articles

In 2014, we published over a 100 articles to share new ideas and insights on ways banks and credit unions can use digital marketing to grow. The top 5 most read articles were:

  1. How Simple Nurtures Leads with Content Marketing and Marketing Automation
  2. Video: A Simple Digital Experience for Credit Unions and Banks
  3. 3 Steps to Build a Solid Bank or Credit Union Digital Marketing Strategy
  4. 3 Ideas to Focus on For Credit Union Digital Marketing in 2014
  5. 4 Steps to Measure and Prove Bank and Credit Union Digital Marketing Value
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