The top 5 ways digital engagement tools build trust

Meaningful, personalized experiences help validate that your credit union has its community’s best interests at heart.

Building and maintaining trust among the communities they serve is a core principle on which most credit unions have built their organizations. But trust is one of the most hard-earned attributes. Meaningful, personalized experiences are required to validate that your credit union truly understands the community it is serving and has its best interests at heart.

Following the recent bank failure headlines, communication has quickly emerged as the No. 1 priority for credit unions across the U.S. Many organizations found themselves scrambling to answer repetitive questions about federally insured deposits, how other bank failures might impact their institution, the security of their deposits and more.

So, how can credit unions leverage modern technology to solidify trust among their members in the digital age? The answer lies within the credit union’s ability to use secure, digital engagement tools.

1. Offer secure digital engagement tools

Your members expect that as their financial service provider, you will have robust, secure technology in place to protect their information, particularly when it comes to their digital engagement. Mechanisms such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and security updates are the most commonly used. By providing a dynamic and secure interaction channel for all their needs, from scheduling meetings and video phone calls to co-browsing and document-sharing with built-in electronic signature mechanisms, you are enhancing the value of your digital offering while building a loyal member base that trusts you will provide secure anytime access.


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