The top ways millennials are using technology

It’s a simple fact: Millennials love their technology. We don’t need a 10 year study to prove what we constantly see – young people with their noses stuck in a smart phone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t matter the situation; Instagramming their food, snapping selfies on a stick, or reading the latest post on Reddit, even sleeping with their phones next to their heads. It’s hard to get a millennial away from their “lifeline” and it’s become a lucrative way for marketers to reach them. One could argue it’s becoming just about the only way.

So how can an advertiser use this to their advantage? What ways are Millennials using technology that would allow a brand to naturally engage them? Below we’ve provided 4 ways that they’re using technology, and how marketing managers can join their conversation.

Technology Allows Millennials to Stay Close with Friends and Family

During a recent Nielsen survey, over half of millennials said that new technology helps them be closer to their friends and family. While many others complain about how technology has divided us, Millennials use it to maintain an almost constant state of contact with their loved ones through texts, social media and video calls. Some other numbers paint a pretty vivid picture for exactly how Millennials use technology to stay in touch. Here are some fun facts from the survey:

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