There’s no quick fix for credit union digital marketing

by. James Robert Lay

This past week I talked to an inbound lead from a sizable credit union who was interested in developing a digital referral program. Within five minutes, it became clear they were simply looking for a digital referral tool they could take and use themselves. We quickly identified we were not the right fit for one another at this time.

A recurring pattern

The credit union shared they already had established digital marketing system, which intrigued me. However, as I learned more about their perspective, it reflected our findings in our research, which stated many credit unions and community banks have no defined digital marketing and lead generation system in place.

The credit union informed me that they had adopted a well-known digital marketing platform. They admitted to not having any experience in the platform and were learning as they went along. In the end, I was able to identify they did not have a system and had just another digital tool added to the mix.

This recurring pattern is troubling.

Credit unions and community banks continue to adopt digital tools with no real clear strategy as to how these tools can have a greater impact in a humanized digital economy.

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