This week: NAFCU on the Hill for 116th Congress swearing in, gov’t shutdown continues

NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger and other senior advocacy staff will be on Capitol Hill this week for the opening of the 116th Congress, representing credit unions and welcoming new and returning legislators as they are sworn in Thursday. As the new Congress begins, NAFCU will ensure all lawmakers are well-versed on issues of importance to the credit union industry as well as the association’s 2019 top priorities.

The House and Senate will need to get right to work as part of the government remains unfunded and closed as a result. Funding for about a quarter of the federal government expired Dec. 21, forcing the departments of Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Transportation, Interior, Homeland Security and State, among others, to shut down.

Congress did extend funding for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) before it lapsed last month, and FEMA, reversing a previous decision, is selling policies backed by the NFIP during the shutdown.


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