Three ways to differentiate your member service with coaching

Having employees who are nice and helpful is no longer a novelty in financial services—or perhaps it never was.

Ask a credit union’s leadership or staff what truly sets them apart from a bank and they’ll almost always drop the “s” word: service. Go a step farther by asking them how their service delivery makes them different and you’ll probably hear lines like, “People are more than just a number here,” or “We truly care about seeing our members succeed.”

But you know what? I would wager that bank employees would say similar things.

While it’s true that banks answer to their stockholders, they also know that being profitable requires having customers to serve, and you don’t maintain a customer base by being unbearable to do business with. Just like with credit unions, their employees care about the financial well-being of their customers and, because they’ve entered the service industry, are likely motivated by helping others. Sure, banks may charge more fees and higher interest rates than credit unions, but the intent to deliver a positive service experience is still there. This means having employees who are nice and helpful is no longer a novelty, or perhaps it never was.


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