Tips for installing popular technology in the branch

The branch is changing.  From the square footage and employee headcount to the products themselves and how they are sold– the cadence of change has never moved with more alacrity than today.  When consumer preferences shift, you need to react quickly and align solutions that can move with the pace of your business.  In today’s world, moving quickly generally involves leveraging technology but, if not done carefully, it is easy to slip into a rut rather than race forward.  So let’s go through a few technologies being deployed in mass these days, as well as some suggestions that will help you get the installation and implementation done right, the first time.

Digital Signage

The use of digital signage in the branch has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to consumers.  Today it is possible to change your message on a whim, and publish it across your branch network in minutes rather than days. This opportunity, however, comes with responsibility and a fair amount of planning.  Be sure to consider the following items carefully before deploying digital signage throughout your branch network:

  • What is the message to be displayed in the branch? Are you running simple messages behind the teller line or multiple messages across a coffee or technology bar as well as the teller area?  Each area may require a different message based on what the consumer is doing in said area.
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