Tips for the new credit union marketer

So, you just landed a job as a bank or credit union marketing professional. First of all, congratulations. In this day and age and with the current economy, your hard work and determination is commendable.

Now the real work is about to begin.

As someone who spent years working in marketing and communications for financial institutions both large and small, looking back, I wish I’d had a list somewhat like the one below when I first started. Then again, I was just as young and headstrong as you probably are now. I might not have paid all that much attention to the list. Here’s hoping you today are smarter than me yesterday and can open yourself up just enough to derive a little benefit from these ideas.

With that in mind, below please find a list of tips for the new bank or credit union marketer.

  • Diploma. While your college degree is important and probably got your foot in the door, it now means next to nothing. By all means, put it in a nice frame and hang it somewhere prominent in your office. But don’t assume it makes you any smarter or any better than anyone else.
  • Old people. There are probably tellers at your financial institution that have worked the job longer than you’ve been alive. Swallow your pride and avail yourself to their (or other long-term employee) knowledge.
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