To build a great analytics team, first build the culture

Data analysts today are working in a red-hot field. Their expertise is in high demand, and there is no shortage of “dream” companies looking for their expertise.

Credit unions will need to fight hard to attract these in-demand professionals against big banks and fintech companies. And, it won’t be easy given that financial services is a legacy field. Many credit unions recognize the need to be transformed, but they may not yet have made the cultural transformation that must accompany it, in order to attract and keep top-flight data analytics talent.

What does an effective analytics culture look like? An organization should focus on building four key attributes:

1. Shared Vision

When everyone across the organization understands how data can lead to exceptional customer experiences, they are much more likely to keep contributing. Great leaders know that sharing the outcomes is a big part of this. There can be no shared vision – at least not sustainably shared – without transparency.


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