To connect with millennials, stay connected!

Go where they go; know what they know.

by: Lauren Giannini

You can’t ignore the Millennials. Also known as Generation Y, Millennials make up the largest generation, more than 80 million people. This is certainly a large enough group to play a critical role in the future of the credit union movement.

What does it take to attract and keep these key members of our society as part of our community? Well, as with every other market segment, you’ve got to play on their level. If you’ve ever spent time with any Millennial friends, you’ve surely noticed a common, recurring theme: They are connected, whether it’s via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop or–maybe soon–a watch.

Millennials are rarely seen with their heads behind a newspaper. They have mastered and prefer having their lives at their fingertips: texting for communication, Uber for transportation, Pandora for music, Urbanspoon for restaurants, Googling for information. Heads down, fingers flying, they’re connected.

So, you think you’ve figured it out and the answer is Facebook? Then you’re behind in this game. You’ve got to go beyond. Tech-savvy as they are, Millennials are using multiple social media platforms for not only networking and communication, but also for keeping up with current affairs, shopping and entertainment.

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