Tool helps leaders make career decisions

Participants in new CUES course identify their workplace strengths, so they can make the most of them.

by: Lisa Hochgraf

What are your biggest strengths–the strengths on which you can build your best work and your best career?

Creating a “reflected best self” portrait can help you answer this question, according to Cornell University Professor Kathleen O’Connor, Ph.D.

As lead faculty member for “Leadership Brand and Shadow,” a new  course being offered by CUES in partnership with Cornell, O’Connor is asking each participant to create such a portrait. The new course, like all the CUES Blended Learning offerings, is designed to maximize educational value, while minimizing travel and time away from work.

In the first session of the program, participants watched from their desktops as O’Connor presented live about leadership brand and the project to be undertaken. (See the image at the top of this post.)

O’Connor asked for and received participant feedback via chat. In addition to attending another session with O’Connor and doing the project, program participants receive individual sessions with executive coaches.

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