Top 3 Instagram contest ideas that work well for credit unions

Maybe your credit union has been on Instagram now for a few months, or maybe even a year… and you’re ready to have your first successful Instagram contest! But often CU staff don’t know where to start. Well, we’ve taken care of the guess work for you, and have identified the top 3 Instagram contests that work well for credit unions.

We’ve also included a list of MUST haves in any Instagram contest rules, so read on…

1. Partner with a popular local business

This is one of our favorite contests to increase your credit union’s followers and also engage with your local community.  Find a popular local business (that is ON Instagram already) in your city or local community, and ask them if they would like to partner with your credit union for a giveaway contest.  Possibley local businesses could include a bookstore, fresh juice bar, or local coffee shop.

Assuming they agree, all you’ll need to do is coordinate your giveaway with each other and announce it on your credit union’s Instagram account including:

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