Top 3 reasons to attend a consumer & residential mortgage lending training

As you look over your options for lending training in 2018, you should explore opportunities with a variety of topics to choose from. One training event for you to learn about important lending topics comes in the form of CUNA Consumer & Residential Mortgage Lending School. Here’s why you should attend:

 Choose your training topics: You will be able to pick and choose the sessions that best fit your needs from any of five more specific lending topics, including:

  • consumer lending
  • mortgage lending
  • lending compliance
  • lending leadership
  • lending hot topics

Extensive networking opportunities: Through designated networking time, you’ll be able to expand your network.

 Learn from industry experts: With more than a dozen speakers with expertise on many different lending topics, you’ll be learning from people with years of experience. From compliance attorneys to consumer and mortgage lending strategists, you’ll be able to learn from someone who knows what your credit union needs.

If you’re interested in this event you can learn more at