Top 5 Reasons Why Your Credit Unions’ Disaster Recovery Plan Might Fail

Written by Kirk Drake

If you are concerned about the quality (or existence) of the disaster recovery plan in your credit union there is good reason.  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are part art and part science.  Ultimately, each plan comes down to a combination of the proper documentation mixed with the proper training and staff knowledge.  If you aren’t following a consistent and regular planning methodlogy than one of these 5 reasons could cause your credit unions’ plan to fail.

Documentation Out of Date

One of the primary functions of a Disaster Recovery plan is to document the key information that would be needed by your staff to run or recover the organization.  Your credit union is probably constantly tweaking, adjusting and adding business processes as part of its ongoing business planning.  If you don’t constantly modify the documentation than a key piece could be missed and the whole organization turns left instead of right.

Practice & Testing

Like anything in life, you are only good at what you practice and rehearse.  Imagine if all you had was a script but had never rehearsed it.  You probably wouldn’t deliver a very good show on your first try.  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity requires regular exercising and testing.  It is only through this process that people and process know what needs to happen in an actual event.

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