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It’s Monday the 13th and I’m vastly aware that I forgot to make any New Year’s resolutions! I’d considered just blowing it off until next year when I realized “Stop Procrastinating” is one of my most important resolutions for 2014. That being said I wondered about the resolutions of those around me, especially my peers and clients who face the DAILY strategic/operational/reputational challenges of working in the credit union industry and reached out to see what resolutions were topping the list this year!

The responses I got back are nothing less than awesome and show that although we continue to work in this fast-paced and highly regulated industry – humor remains (and sometimes sustains!).

In no order of importance …

I give you the credit-union inspired …

“2014 Top Technology Resolutions”

  • I will patch my servers throughout the year instead of the night before the auditors come in
  • I will not roll my eyes in meetings when people present silly ideas that aren’t technically possibly
  • I won’t get frustrated when my core can’t support something that was created after 1995.
  • I will happily comply with all NCUA regulations
  • I will not wait until December to conduct my Disaster Recovery Testing
  • I will try talking to vendors at trade shows instead of trying to ignore them.
  • I will not just throw away the magazine article my boss hands to me about some new system they want that doesn’t work in credit union technology land
  • I will not implement a new technology that will impact fewer than 5 staff members
  • I will finally do something about that rat nest of cables we call a server room
  • I will seriously entertain a conversation about a core conversion
    • if we are getting serious about a core conversion I will update my resume
    • I will acknowledge that my CEO will trump my no new tech for less than 5 staff members whether I like it or not.
    • I will continue to name my servers Marvel Comic Superhero names as there are more superhero movies coming out in 2014.  I will let others know how cool I was since I’ve been using these names for years before the movies became popular.
    • I will finally buy a 3D printer for the office and create “Staff of the Month” plastic busts for the CU and get rid of those old school plaques.
    • I will finally do that project I’ve had in the low priority queue for the last year and a half, or at least push it off until 2015.
    • I will kill that project that I’ve been putting off and am not going to do anyway (and consider telling my boss that it will never get done).
    • My upgrade schedule this year will not be based on Microsoft’s end of life calendar.
  • I will remember to spell out the full meaning of every acronym I use at least once in reports I write.
  • I will practice saying “I’d LOVE to do that” for 10 minutes before the helpdesk phones open.
  • I will pursue a solution for the “S” drive… (Maybe a T drive?)
  • I acknowledge that not everyone likes Lord of the Rings
  • I would like to attend another CU conference in Las Vegas
  • That old server in the corner is still up and running. I have some more time to back it up.
  • I will be one step ahead of our auditors and arbitrarily put security restrictions on the type of toner my CU can use.
  • I will really, actually get rid of that last dot matrix printer.

Hope you enjoyed the bit of humor!  Would you like to add to this list? Feel free to comment and keep the ideas flowing!

Robin Remines

Robin Remines

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