The top social media trends of 2017

Have you ever seen a celebrity mention a product in their social media? It probably made you want that product or at least curious about what it is. This is called influencer marketing. It was the number one trend for brands in 2017, and you can plan on it remaining a dominant trend for 2018. Influencer marketing is when a brand gets their product to be mentioned, talked about or shared by a celebrity, influential blogger or industry leader. Consumers want to hear that a product is worth buying from someone they know to be knowledgeable. This type of social media marketing makes you feel as though the product is not only reliable but desirable.  I’ll admit Chrissy Teigen always gets me with any product related to food.

Move over millennials. To my fellow millennials, the day has come for us to be referred to as “old.” We are now too old to be considered the primary demographic; brands began targeting a new generation in 2017, say hello to Generation Z.

Generation Z refers to people born during or after 1995. They are close to $44 billion in purchasing power and will start defining how we use social media. What’s the difference between millennials and Generation Z? Generation Z values privacy more than millennials, and they are easily bored. The main difference is that they are harder to target because of their resistance to advertising.

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