Transforming transactions

Successful competitors in today’s payments world emphasize personalization, ease of use and the right technology.

Four experts weigh in on the disruptive, always-changing payments space—and their recommendations for how to capitalize on it.

Payments Personalization

From Amazon suggesting your next buy before you even realize you need it to Netflix making movie night easier with its curation algorithm, we’ve come to expect the places where we do business to predict our next move. That’s also true for consumers’ financial partners, which is why PSCU has taken a page from tech giants to develop expert customization.

“There is an increasing demand from members for the flexibility to personalize their payments preferences,” says Brian Scott, chief growth officer for CUESolutions provider PSCU, St. Petersburg, Florida. “In PSCU’s 2022 Eye on Payments study, we found that personalization was one of the four key factors driving consumer payments preferences and behaviors. In fact, nearly eight out of 10 survey respondents agree … that they want to do business with a financial institution that knows them personally. While convenience and security consistently rank in the top four, we are seeing overwhelming growth in personalization.”


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