‘Twas The Month Before “Cliffmas”

“Twas the month before “Cliffmas”, and all through the branch,
Not a manager was stirring, not even Blanche;

A sign prominently hung by the vault with such care,
It proudly said the money is safe, while stored safely in there;

The members were at home watching TV in beds,
While the financial cliff surely danced vividly in their heads;

And Blanche in her nightie with hubby in his cap,
They hoped December would be a long winter’s nap;

The phone suddenly rang with so much a clatter,
It was Sam the CEO who shouted “members must matter”;

Blanche flew open the door and headed to the car,
She knew Sam was right, and the office was not far;

Members are worried about their finances and such,
And advocacy was preached by the CU all so much;

She could not sit in her office so idly by,
Because members feared their finances could soon die;

The whole credit union staff was now in tune,
For they knew the cliff could be here all too soon;

They set upon a plan to reach out to all,
To ask members questions, to buffer the potential fall;

Let’s reach out to members because we know they’re concerned,
Offer advice, opinion, so trust we can be earned;

Now, Obama! now, Boehner! Now Geithner, now Ryan!”
On, CUNA! On NAFCU! On Leagues, and those like Bryan;

Let’s be real advocates and tell the ones high on the Hill,
That we represent millions of voters, so stop acting like a pill;

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Fesitivas to all,
Let’s get off our butts, and give members and Congress a Holiday call.

Bryan Clagett

Bryan Clagett

Bryan is on the executive team and singularly focused on driving revenue growth through a variety of new initiatives that help financial services and fintech become ever more relevant to ... Web: https://www.strategycorps.com Details