Two tips for getting the trust of millennials

Offer money management education and use analytics to target individuals within Gen Y.

by: Laura Lynch

Many credit union mission statements include the words “trusted financial partner,” observed Jesse Boyer, president/CEO of CUES Supplier member and partner DigitalMailer, Inc., during his presentation of CUES webinar “Marketing Your Credit Union to Millennials.”

“Millennials are looking for a partner who will provide them with tools to manage their money and share knowledge on investing wisely,” Boyer said.

Gaining members’ trust is a credit union strength. Leverage it to attract young members by offering financial education and personalized service, using analytics.

According to the 2014 TD Bank Financial Education Survey, 30 percent of Millennials say they need help budgeting. Offering money management workshops is one way to show Millennials you have their best interests in mind, Boyer suggested.

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