Unidentified database exposed information of 80 million U.S. households

The breach includes complete addresses, cities, counties, states, zip codes, and exact longitude and latitude as well as personal information.

An unidentified database laid bare the information of 80 million U.S. households, including full addresses complete with longitude and latitude, according to a vpnMentor research team that discovered the exposure.

Per the vpnMentor report, known hacktivists Noam Rotem and Ran Locar discovered an unprotected database affecting up to 65% of U.S. households. Hosted by a Microsoft cloud server, the 24 GB database included the number of people living in each household with their full names, marital status, income bracket, age, and more. The team was unable to identify the owner of the database at the time.

Subsequently, vpnMentor, released an update: “Following the publication of our report, Microsoft took its server offline. In a statement, they said, ‘We have notified the owner of the database and are taking appropriate steps to help the customer remove the data until it can be properly secured.’ Microsoft has not revealed who owns the database.”


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