Uplevel member service with conversational AI and machine agents in your contact center

When member requests get more complicated, artificial intelligence shines.

Every credit union knows that artificial intelligence has long been used to detect fraudulent credit card transactions and score credit risk. A relatively new use is in customer experience—or member experience to credit unions.

Within member experience is a new AI application—conversational machine agents. Sometimes referred to as conversational AI or intelligent chatbots, this article explains:

  • What conversational machine agents are and how they differ from chatbots
  • How they benefit credit union employees and members
  • Why it is crucial to use a cloud contact center with embedded conversational machine agents

Conversational Machine Agents and Chatbots Both Communicate Like a Human

A chatbot simulates human conversation. However, unlike conversational machine agents which are powered by AI, chatbot interactions operate by a rules-based computer program; thus, they follow a pre-determined interaction flow.


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