Validation in being a numbers geek

by. Amy Davis

Sure, it doesn’t sound sexy to be a marketer and love numbers.  It doesn’t even sound like a trait that would be desired for a creative type.  Well, if you want to make it as a Financial Marketer, you need to become more of a numbers geek than a crayon lord.

If I’ve lost you already, keep reading. Here’s the deal, your CEO isn’t expecting marketing to balance the GLs or submit an investment strategy, but he/she does expect you know the business you’re in.  You need to understand your balance sheet and your credit union’s overall budgeting and forecasting process.  What are your corporate goals and how are you going to help get there through marketing efforts?

Bottom line is, every marketer starts off as being an expense on the balance sheet until you can prove your worth.  If you want your CEO and the Finance department to see you as an investment, then you have to illustrate you are.  Track every dollar you spend and account for the return.  It’s hard at first, but if you get buy-in and even help from your CFO, you’ll get there, together.

Traditionally, we’ve been the fun-loving, creative types with just the right crayon in hand.  Today, I challenge you to put down the crayon, pick up the pencil and work on understanding the financials.  Walk down the hall with two cups of coffee and ask your CFO for 30 minutes of their time to make you a better marketer.  I can’t image a CFO that wouldn’t welcome this open dialog and a chance to strengthen the effectiveness of their marketing budget.

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