Video: Insourcing vs. outsourcing your credit card program

Credit Unions: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing from Elan Financial Services on Vimeo.

Deciding whether to outsource a credit card program or keep it in-house is a complicated decision for credit unions, and there is a lot to consider. Costs and resources required to implement and maintain digital capabilities, regulatory & compliance, and the right suite of products are just a few areas of concern. Watch the video above to learn about the ins and outs of deciding whether to outsource your credit union’s credit card program.

When it comes to costs, collecting fee and interest income from a credit card program may be more complex than they first appear. Costs can be impacted by profit margin pressures and may be affected by many factors outside of a credit union’s control. What are the potential hidden costs associated with running a credit card program? Additionally, how can credit unions make more informed decisions when considering whether to insource or outsource a credit card program? Learn more here.

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