Video marketing essentials

Stay relevant by delivering the right content with the right message at the right time.

Dynamic, engaging and versatile, video marketing is undoubtedly a stronghold in mobile advertising today. It’s also one of the most popular ways consumers view content. “For credit unions, video marketing provides a personalized way to connect with members, from onboarding to cross-selling new products,” says Mallory Porter, digital solutions program manager for CUES Supplier member Allied Solutions LLC, Carmel, Ind.

In the indirect lending space, for example, many new loan holders don’t realize they’ve become a part of a credit union. “Video can welcome the member, highlight benefits and cross-sell additional products or services,” explains Porter. “It also enables you to connect with all demographics, not just millennials.”

To ensure relevancy, begin the planning process with goal setting and segmenting members. “Your goal is for the member to view the right content, at the right time,” says Porter. “This requires clean data, especially email addresses. We also recommend using a flowchart at this stage to map the member’s life cycle.”


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