Video-powered microsite draws millions of eyeballs for regional bank

To make its marketing messages more engaging, Renasant Bank built its own video entertainment channel. The strategy leverages humor and a low-key Southern style in videos that emphasize the institution's regional roots and celebrate local culture, generating millions of views along the way. Here's how video content supports Renasant's branding without getting boring.

A box arrives at a suburban home. A woman opens it to find a pair of “Hubby-Vision” goggles — a device guaranteed to reveal the way her husband sees the world. She unboxes the goggles and goes to throw out the carton, only to find the trashcan overflowing.

“Kevin,” she gripes to her husband, “I thought you said you were going to take the trash out!” He quips that there’s plenty of room left, as many husbands might. She pops on the goggles revealing that — in Hubby-Vision — the can is not only empty, but that the discarded box mysteriously evaporates when she tosses it on top of the pile.

More ensues — e.g., husbands don’t see sneakers in the middle of the floor. But then Kevin tries the goggles. Suddenly he sees where pictures hang crookedly. He appreciates subtlety in paint color on walls — “There really is a difference between Pebble Gray and Driftwood!” A good laugh, followed by a short message from Renasant Bank.

Less than a month after being published, it’s generated over 5 million video views.


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