Waters seeking whistleblowers at CFPB

“If, in the course of your work, you are a witness to waste, fraud, abuse or gross mismanagement, please do not hesitate to alert me and my staff.”

Citing surveys that found widespread morale problems at the CFPB, House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is urging employees at the agency who believe the bureau’s work is being subverted to blow the whistle on their bosses.

“I am writing to reassure you of the importance and value of your work, and to let you know, in no uncertain terms, that the anti- consumer actions mandated by Trump appointees will not be tolerated,” she said in an open letter to employees, in which she also provided details about whistleblower protections.

The CFPB conducted a survey of all 1,540 agency employees in August, and 72% of them responded. Some 54.4% of those responding said they do not have a high level of respect for the agency’s senior leadership, while 29.2% said they did.

The results came on the heels of another report conducted by the Partnership for Public Service. The group conducts an annual “Best Places to Work” study. This year’s results placed the CFPB as second-to-last among mid-size agencies.


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