Wharton, dream to reality in t-minus a couple of days

by. Amanda Brenneman

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to Wharton!” That’s how the conversation went that Nov. 6, 2013, morning.

I needed to be pinched then, and I still do.

Five months after that phone call, on April 6, 2014, I start my adventure at Wharton in the study of Strategic Planning — one of my favorite topics to learn about.

Being taught by Wharton’s professors, alongside motivated, driven, bright CU minds is something I’ve looked forward since Tim McAlpine announced my name as the winner. This day has been waited for with much anticipation and I haven’t even started to think about packing my bags. I just barely got my suits to the cleaners in time to have them ready to go. I think I need a personal assistant, but that’s a whole other blog post…

In the months, weeks and days leading up to Wharton, I’ve been super busy. Winter and spring of 2014 has proved to be one of the busiest of my life — in a good way of course — and this trip to Wharton is the professional highlight of the year thus far.

Looking forward to the class ahead, I haven’t completed all of the reading yet, but I still have a few days and some air time to fulfill the requirements. (Never fear, my highlighters are ready!) Regardless, I’ve already been dreaming about how I can use the lessons to be learned in conjunction with the Buy Local program here at Maps. Lately, there have been some exciting times in my head surrounding the Buy Local program!

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