What 4 wildly optimistic visions of P2P tell us about the future of moving money

Do you subscribe to “customer retention,” “faster payments,” “super app” or “universal money movement”?

Most financial services executives that you speak are quite rational.

Sometimes coldly so. I remember talking to a chief lending officer at a small regional bank operating out of the Southeastern U.S. about his need to mitigate the geographic concentration risk of his bank’s loan book and later realizing what he was talking about was hedging against the risk of a bunch of his customers having their homes destroyed by a hurricane.

Now, to be clear, this is generally a good mindset for these folks to have. This is what financial services leaders are supposed to do—dispassionately evaluate risk and return and allocate capital accordingly. And, for the most part, it is what they do.

Except when it comes to person-to-person payments.


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