What are the emerging DDOS trends?

by. Robin Remines

You ever try to stay dry during a rainstorm using a pair of sunglasses as a shield? No? Didn’t think so. Why? Because common sense tells us to assess our environment (aka – weather app) and use the appropriate tool(s) for protection (umbrella, SPF 30)! It should follow then that savvy credit union leaders are tuned in to today’s emerging cyber-threats and are actively pursuing solutions to protect their infrastructure. For those just getting started or just needing a point in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of important statistics and resources that will help keep you up-to-date on emerging trends.

  •  Hackmageddon.comIf you want to disrupt your sleep and create a sense of urgency to protect your infrastructure, bookmark this site and spend some time in wonderment at the variety of threats, the diversity of targets (with financial services ranking just below government) and the frequency of attacks on the USA.


  • DDoS for Hire – Our partners at Radware are global leaders in cyber-threat mitigation so when they report on growing trends it pays to listen up. So when they reported the emergence of a growing underground industry serving up “menu style” cyber-attacks similar to the way Starbucks offers us our morning rush – we should pay attention! Notice the pricing is not that outrageous and puts even the most disruptive of attack choices within reach of disgruntled employees, a member that was turned down for a loan, etc.
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