What CEOs want their board to know

by. Leisa Goodman

In his work coaching more than 300 boards, Les Wallace, Ph.D., has found common themes among their CEOs.

“There are many items CEOS regularly ask me to remind their boards of,” said Wallace, president of Signature Resources, Inc., and facilitator of CUES’ recent Board Chair Director Seminar.

  • Bowling, golfing or skiing might be great networking venues, but the relationship needs to stay professional and not cross over into buddy territory.
  • Remember to give feedback in a professional manner and setting, not on the golf course or at the bar.
  • Rules of engagement help everyone to know what to expect. This can include having regular face-to-face meetings scheduled outside of board meetings and using advance agendas.
  • CEOs appreciate timely, specific feedback, with solid examples and data, not speculation or hints.

Wallace has also found a common thread when it comes to CEO stressors. “In addition to running one of the most challenging businesses in the world, credit union CEOs can be most stressed by their board,” he said. Frequently mentioned points of pain include:

  • lack of clarity from the board to the CEO, or irregular feedback and evaluation;
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