What do you need most from your credit union marketing team?

Do you need pretty things, or do you need to meet your goals? In essence, do you need thinkers or doers? Do you need strategy or execution? Or do you need both?

You need strategic thinking to pair with your leadership team, to understand your goals, and to know the tools needed to reach them. If you’re a small or midsize credit union, you probably also need your agency to execute those strategies for you. Finding one credit union marketing firm that does both well can be tough. But that’s exactly what we do at YMC.

I consider YMC a “strategy first” team. That means:

  • First and foremost, we get paid for our brains. Over the past 15-plus years, we’ve experienced a lot and learned a lot from the credit unions we have worked with. We’ve connected the dots with the trends between what works and what doesn’t, and that is a huge value to our clients. It allows them to learn from the mistakes of others through our experience. We can also point to the metrics and case studies where our strategic input directly contributed to our client’s success.
  • In short, we’re compensated for high-level thinking, planning, and problem-solving, rather than just the deliverables.


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