What does buying a house have in common with your credit union disaster recovery?

by. Tim Daugherty

So you’re wondering what does buying a home have in common with business continuity and your credit union disaster recovery? They certainly don’t seem to have a whole lot in common – but let’s look closer.  I’m sure you have heard a real estate agent say it’s all about” Location, Location, Location” (as they throw up their hands in the air making air quotes).And unless you are not interested in having a home that is safe, increase in value and has a great community then you’d have to agree that LOCATION is EVERYTHING when it comes to real estate investing!

In disaster recovery and business continuity planning, location is equally important. But what are the types of questions you might ask your “DR Agent” when it comes to their services? In real estate,  you might ask questions like –  What are the schools like? What is the community like? Does the area have a good resale value? and so on and so on. We’ve put together a quick LOCATION based checklist for you to use when selecting a DR provider:

3 things to look at from a BCP/DR perspective is Location, Location, Location and no I’m not making air quotes!

Location – People

  • If the facility is part of the incident and people are not able to gain access to their office then where do they go?
  • Where do we have room in our current facilities?
  • Who can work from home?
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