What does your credit union want for Christmas?

It’s Christmastime again, which means family and friends are running about making preparations for the big day. Shopping, cooking, cards, all that fun stuff. Many families will drop hints with children asking some variation of the age-old question “What do you want for Christmas?

While responses from children will undoubtedly be as many and varied (and potentially expensive) as they always are, have you ever thought about what your credit union might say if asked a similar question? As strategic marketing consultants for credit unions and banks across the country, it’s a question we ask frequently this time of year.

“ABC Credit Union, what would you like for Christmas?”

Note: Try not to picture your credit union sitting on a mall Santa Claus’ lap. Trust me, I did and it’s a hard image to forget.

What’s on your credit union’s wish list this year? The answer really lies in your own heart and mind. What do you think your credit union needs most?


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