What holiday movies teach you about bank or credit union video marketing

There’s no better time of year than December to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and watch one of the many fantastic holiday movies. You really can’t go wrong, either. Whether it’s “Elf,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Christmas with the Kranks,” “Home Alone” or yes, “Die Hard” – you’re sure to have a fun time.

But these movies offer more than some holiday fun…they teach you bank or credit union video marketing lessons too.

Here’s a look at what those five legendary holiday films say about using video at your institution.

1. “Elf” and having fun

Elf” is a comedic movie about a human raised as an elf who returns to New York to meet his real father. Shenanigans ensue, and the movie’s cinematography and music reflect the upbeat nature of the film. People love this movie because it’s fun.


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