What Magic Johnson and his size 15 shoes mean to credit unions – with CCUL’s Diana Dykstra

Always a highlight of the year is our chat with with CCUL President/CEO Diana Dykstra — and this year’s discussion was no different. Probably one of the happiest people I know, Diana provided us with a glowing review of CCUL’s recent annual meeting held in downtown Los Angeles. The show hosted some timely discussions on today’s credit union issues. In addition, this year’s attendees received a real treat when Los Angeles Lakers former star point guard and now super LA businessman Magic Johnson delivered the keynote. The cherry on top: Magic seems to have a real affinity for credit unions and what they represent.

Along with Magic, Diana talked about California and Nevada credit union performances in 2014, as well as, what they can do better in 2015. We also touched on some of the top issues credit unions will face in 2015. (Can you say regulations?) But Diana doesn’t stop at listing the issues, she hints at some solutions, as well.

So sit back this weekend and enjoy our chat with CCUL’s Diana Dysktra and let us know what you think.


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