What should I do to prepare my credit union for tornados?

by. Robin Remines

It seems unfathomable that with today’s advanced warning systems that so many lives are lost and communities destroyed due to tornados each year. But the truth is that while these systems do in fact mitigate the risks slightly through forecasts and projections, Mother Nature remains unpredictable! Don’t waste another minute waiting to educate your staff on tornado readiness.

It can happen anywhere, even in your community.

Tornado Readiness:

  • Understand your community risk – some areas are more prone to tornado threats than others, but none are completely immune. Contact your local emergency responders to determine their tornado risk profile.
  • Download the Red Cross App “Tornado” – Early warning is essential! Not only should you be monitoring the weather channels when the conditions are right but look for non-traditional ways such as smartphone apps to augment your efforts.
  • Register for SMS/Email emergency notifications from your local emergency management office
  • Educate and practice “shelter in place” – I’m surprised when I do tabletop exercises that this is not a common terminology among staff. It should be as recognizable as “fire drill”. Your staff needs to know a “safe place” and how to drop things and get there as quickly as possible. I routinely see people stop to put away sensitive data (member data). Why you ask? Because they are good credit unionists! In a crisis such as this, they need to be educated and absolved of that responsibility. It’s all about LIFE safety!
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